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Welcome To Our Home Page

This is our home in cyber-space.  Here you will find a few pics and some news on what we are up to.  We hope that you will come back to visit us regularly and look forward to receiving your emails, sms, phone calls, etc.

It's our first attempt at a web site, so consider it to be be permanently "under construction".

Dean & Lorraine Prendergast

Site Updates

25/5/04 - Site construction.

Dean & Lorraine - Desert dune drive (Dubai)

During one of our trips to Dubai we went on a desert safari. This included an exhilarating drive through the dunes, watching the sun set over the desert, a visit to an oasis, riding a camel, a traditional Arabic feast and a belly dancer.  Really worth it if you are ever in Dubai!

Latest News

Summer is here! Temps are in the upper 40's every day, but the hot desert wind (Shamal Wind) makes it feel even hotter and they have been howling non-stop for days now. We have had a mild sand storm so everything is covered in a fine film of dust.

Work is a mixed bag! Not much in the way of new business but lots of frustrating admin and the usual ongoing client servicing problems. 

Lorraine has just finnished her latest cross stitch - a second Saudi carpet. (Pic will follow) Don't worry, she has started a new one already! A Saudi door.

The cats are fat & fit - they eat, sleep and sh"t. Life is good! (Lots of cat pics will be featured) They went to the vets for the annual vacinations. Not impressed with being stuffed into the travel box, or the ride in the car and the unmentionable things that the vet did were just the worst!

This weeks pictures

We decided that first of all we should show you all a little about the place we live.  Thus all the pictues are about our compound - Zamil Village. 

Hope you like them. We'll change them from time to time.

Mowgli & Flooi - Our kids!
Most people though we were mad bringing 2 cats all the way from Saouth Africa to Saudi Arabia, but these two have amazing characters and are as precious to us as children.
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